How to Naturally Support Heart Health
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How to Naturally Support Heart Health

October 27, 2020

The heart is one of the most important systems in the entire body. As such, it is essential that we take proper care of it. Many rely on prescription drugs such as statins to support various factors of cardiovascular wellness. However, these medications often come with detrimental side effects that may cause significant dysfunction in other areas of the body. Fortunately, it may be possible to acquire safer and more effective cardiovascular support by supplementing with Heart Solution Plus.

What is Heart Solution Plus?

Heart Solution Plus is a supplement produced by HoltraCeuticals that is made from the bergamot fruit. Bergamot is a small pear-shaped citrus that has its origins in southern Italy. Some refer to the citrus as a bergamot orange despite its green coloring and lime-like appearance. Most tea drinkers are familiar with bergamot as the peel of the fruit is the ingredient responsible for Earl Grey’s distinctive flavor and aroma. When enjoyed as a tea or employed as an aromatic oil, bergamot helps alleviate stress and may even improve mood. However, studies show that extract from the bergamot fruit condensed into pill form and taken as a supplement provides even greater health benefits.

The Benefits of Bergamot

Research into bergamot shows that the polyphenols it contains may provide notable support for various areas of wellness. Polyphenols are recognized for their antioxidant qualities and are the same substances that give red wine, tea, berries, and cocoa, their notable health benefits. Studies suggest that eating foods that contain a high number of polyphenols reduces the risk of heart issues, cancer, bone loss, diabetes, and other chronic conditions. Bergamot, specifically the juice of the fruit, offers particularly impressive benefits regarding the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Despite it being nearly inedible, the fruit of the bergamot plant contains a wealth of beneficial nutrients that provide numerous health benefits. Bergamot sets itself apart from many other polyphenol products in that it has an exceptionally large concentration and broad diversity of phytochemicals. These substances provide exceptional support for various systems throughout the body but have a particularly impressive impact on the heart. You can access all of the benefits of bergamot by using HoltraCeuticals Heart Solution Plus.

What Does Heart Solution Plus Do?

Heart Solution Plus supports factors of cardiovascular health including cholesterol, blood glucose, and arterial function. Each of these areas have notable influence regarding the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease. Read on to learn how Heart Solution Plus positively impacts each of these areas.

Balances Cholesterol

Poor cholesterol levels are a leading contributor of cardiovascular disease. Increased amounts of LDL or “bad” cholesterol with diminished values of HDL or “good” cholesterol is highly indicative of heart problems. As LDL cholesterol builds up, it forms plaque deposits in the arteries, which reduces blood flow. In contrast, HDL cholesterol supports the removal and excretion of cholesterol through the liver. Therefore, reducing LDL while increasing HDL values can be hugely beneficial for both treating and protecting against heart disease.

Due to bergamot’s powerful influence on both HDL and LDL cholesterol, Heart Solution Plus may be able to notably improve cholesterol values. Studies show that proper supplementation with bergamot products can lower LDL cholesterol with similar efficacy as statins without the associated risks. Furthermore, bergamot supplements improve HDL cholesterol values, thereby providing even greater cardiovascular support. The dual impact of bergamot on LDL and HDL cholesterol makes it an effective supporter of heart health.

Regulates Blood Glucose

Elevated blood glucose is a primary factor in the development of diabetes and may contribute to cardiovascular dysfunction. Bergamot helps regulate blood glucose through the stimulation of an enzyme called activated protein kinase or AMPK. This enzyme plays an essential role in energy regulation as well as glucose and fatty acid metabolism. By triggering AMPK, bergamot is able to positively affect insulin sensitivity, cellular uptake of glucose, and limit glucose synthesis in the liver. Each of these actions help to reduce circulating levels of blood glucose, thereby lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Heart Solution Plus provides better blood glucose regulation than typical pharmaceutical approaches. Studies have found that daily supplementation with bergamot may reduce blood sugar by nearly 22 percent. Data suggests that outcomes such as this rival or even surpass the efficacy of several blood glucose medications currently on the market. An added benefit of using bergamot to regulate blood glucose is that the risk of side effects is much lower when compared to typical blood sugar regulators.

Improves Arterial Health

A small but essential component of heart function is the vascular endothelium. This structure surrounds blood vessels and has a significant degree of influence regarding blood pressure, inflammation, blood clotting, and the creation of new blood vessels. Destruction or malfunction of these structures can severally disrupt arterial function thereby increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease. As such, maintaining the health, activity, and proper function of the vascular endothelium is essential to wellness.

Heart Solution Plus provides notable arterial protection by supporting the endothelium. The many polyphenols found in bergamot extract safeguards the endothelium by reducing inflammation, impeding plaque formation, and promoting healthy arterial function. Furthermore, the impressive antioxidant properties of bergamot help protect against free radicals associated with damage to the arteries and elsewhere.

Finding a Solution to Cardiovascular Disease

The heart is essential to our wellness and as such we must do everything possible to take care of it. Some of the greatest contributors of cardiovascular disease are high cholesterol, poor blood sugar regulation, and arterial blockages. Typically, these issues are managed through potentially dangerous medications such as statins. However, the powerful fruit known as bergamot may provide a safer and more effective solution. Studies show that supplementing with bergamot provides notable heart health benefits including better regulation of cholesterol blood glucose, and improved arterial wellness. You can acquire these benefits and protect your heart by supplementing with HoltraCeuticals’ Heart Solution Plus.


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