Are You Leptin Resistant? Here's What You Can Do About It
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Are You Leptin Resistant? Here's What You Can Do About It

October 27, 2020

According to a Centers for Disease Control report for the years 2015-2016, nearly 40 percent of all adult Americans are obese. Worse still, it appears the rates of obesity are trending upwards. An important yet oft overlooked contributor to this problem is reduced functionality of a hormone called leptin. There are many hormones that influence weight regulation, but leptin is perhaps the most impactful. Leptin also plays an important role in protecting against metabolic disorders and limiting the risk factors of cardiovascular disease such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Therefore, improving leptin levels through supplementing with Lept-N-Hance may provide notable improvement to wellness.

Combating Leptin Resistance with Lept-N-Hance

One of the most common and underappreciate contributors to chronic disease is leptin resistance. This condition promotes various health issues such as obesity, metabolic dysfunction, heart disease, and even various cancer. Leptin resistance is caused by too much leptin circulating through the body. As leptin levels increase, the brain’s receptivity to it declines. The body attempts to compensate for this loss in sensitivity by increasing leptin production. This triggers a cycle of ever-worsening leptin resistance that significantly increases the risk factors for other chronic illnesses.

What Does Lept-N-Hance Do?

Lept-N-Hance is a supplemental product produced by HoltraCeuticals formulated specifically to improve leptin activity and ease leptin resistance. Lept-N-Hance improves various leptin-related elements including hormone signaling, appetite, and inflammation regulation. Supporting these areas may lead to better metabolic function, weight loss, energy level, and overall wellness. Use of Lept-N-Hance may reduce the risk of chronic health issues such as obesity, metabolic disorders, cancers, and cardiovascular disease.

What’s in Lept-N-Hance?

The leptin-regulating action of Lept-N-Hance is made possible through its proprietary blend of ingredients. Three ingredients that stand out from the rest of those found in Lept-N-Hance are gum arabic, locust bean gum, and blue-green algae (spirulina). These natural substances improve factors of leptin activity and may help ease conditions associated with poor leptin function and leptin resistance.

Gum Arabic

Gum arabic is a plant fiber that boasts natural thickening properties while also being vegan friendly and gluten-free. Because of this, gum arabic is a common inclusion in many food products such as prepackaged and processed cakes, candies, soft drinks, and other high-sugar items. Despite its association with these less than healthy foodstuffs, studies show that supplementing with gum arabic may provide several health benefits.

When consumed in supplement form gum arabic ferments in the colon and helps facilitate the growth of helpful bacteria and microorganisms in the digestive tract. This increases the prevalence of probiotic bacteria, which support digestion, ease symptoms of IBS and constipation, and improve bowel motility. These benefits support better food utilization and ease factors of inflammation, which can contribute to leptin dysfunction.

As a significant source of dietary fiber, gum arabic may improve sensations of fullness and satiation after eating. This action can dramatically improve cravings and limit the risk of overeating. Because of this, supplementation with gum arabic may provide notable support regarding weight loss. In one study, participants had a significantly reduced caloric intake when they ate three hours after taking gum arabic. Regulating appetite in this fashion may help normalize leptin signaling to the brain and reduce cravings. 

Locust Bean Gum

Much like gum arabic, locust bean gum is a natural gluten-free substance sourced from plants. It is also a common additive in a variety of foods such as yogurt, cottage cheese, cream cheese, ice cream, and various sauces. Locust bean gum shares another characteristic with gum arabic because it contains an exceptionally high amount of fiber and may provide notable health benefits when taken as a supplement. 

One of the primary contributors to heart disease is excess cholesterol. This is a common issue among those with leptin resistance and individuals who are obese. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition conducted a study that found that locust bean gum may reduce cholesterol in individuals with elevated levels. The results of the study found the group that consumed locust bean gum presented a notable decrease in “bad” LDL cholesterol and overall cholesterol. A decrease of cholesterol to this degree helps to limit the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Elevated levels of insulin and blood sugar are precursors to diabetes and other metabolic disorder. These indicators are also a common trait among individuals with poor leptin function and/or leptin resistance. Animal studies suggest that supplementing with locust bean gum may have a positive impact on insulin and blood glucose levels. In one trial, subjects given locust bean gum presented a decrease of both insulin and blood glucose levels. The animal participants exhibited a decline in circulating cholesterol, which further supports locust bean gum’s positive effect on heart health. 

Blue-Green Algae (Spirulina)

Blue-green algae, also called spirulina, has a high concentration of phycocyanobilin. Studies suggest that because phycocyanobilin shares many characteristics with another chemical called bilirubin, it may provide notable health benefits. 

Recent research suggests that increasing levels of bilirubin can improve several areas of health by inhibiting the metabolic enzyme NOX. Excessive NOX activity is associated with serious health conditions including vascular disease, neurodegenerative disorders, cancers, and insulin resistance. Studies show that, perhaps because of its similarity to bilirubin, phycocyanobilin limits NOX activity while also promoting antioxidant and metabolism boosting enzymes such as NADPH. Because spirulina is an excellent source of phycocyanobilin, it is believed that supplementing with the blue-green algae may provide notable health benefits and improve factors of leptin function and leptin resistance. 

Addressing Leptin Resistance Naturally

Obesity, metabolic disorders, and cardiovascular disease are all prominent problems that impact a large percentage of Americans. One factor shared among these serious health issues is poor leptin activity and leptin resistance. Fortunately, it may be possible to protect against and ease leptin related dysfunction by supplementing with HoltraCeuticals’ Lept-N-Hance. Powerful ingredients found in Lept-N-Hance such as gum arabic, locust bean gum, and spirulina help improve leptin-related factors that may facilitate greater wellness. If you are suffering from obesity, metabolic disorders such as diabetes, or are at risk for cardiovascular disease, consider supplementing with Lept-N-Hance. 



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