Everything You Need to Know About Pregnenolone
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Everything You Need to Know About Pregnenolone

October 27, 2020

Hormones play a vital role in our overall health and well-being. Hormones carry messages to and from different organs and systems to relay information that determines whether certain processes should stop, start, slow down, speed up, or continue as they are. Some of the most prominent areas influenced by hormones include metabolism, sleep cycle, immune function, attentiveness, and energy level. All the hormones found in the body are important. However, in this article we want to focus on just one; pregnenolone. 

Introduction to Pregnenolone

Pregnenolone is a multifaceted hormone produced primarily by the adrenal glands. However, smaller amounts are also produced in liver, skin, brain, sex organs, and retinas. Pregnenolone is often called the “mother of hormones” because, as a prohormone, it can be broken down into many other hormones. Some of the most notable hormones derived from pregnenolone include DHEA, progesterone, testosterone, estrogen, and cortisol; all of which are essential for healthy bodily function. 

Pregnenolone is a steroidal hormone which may cause some readers some alarm. However, steroids are a category of structurally similar biochemicals that are involved in determining one’s sex, regulating inflammation, influencing growth, and dictating regenerative ability. In fact, steroids are a necessary component of wellness. Although abuse of steroids can cause problems, the natural production of steroids like pregnenolone is actually beneficial. 

Benefits of Pregnenolone Supplementation

A primary benefit of pregnenolone is its effect on brain function. As a neuroprotective agent, pregnenolone helps prevent damage to brain tissue, nerves, and neurons. Interestingly, studies show that unlike most other hormones, pregnenolone concentrations are highest in human brain tissue rather than the bloodstream. This makes sense as much of pregnenolone’s impact involves the brain and neurological function.

The neurological support of pregnenolone manifests itself in a variety of ways. This includes improved learning ability, knowledge retention, and memory. The hormone does this by enforcing and protecting the transmission of information between neurons. As a fatigue fighting compound, pregnenolone helps prevent brain cell injury and damage caused by mental strain and poor energy availability.

Apart from the brain, pregnenolone actively supports hormone balance. Because pregnenolone may be is broken down into so many important hormones, increasing its prevalence can naturally resolve deficiencies and restore balance to a variety of systems. However, if the source of one’s imbalance is a conversion issue, adding additional pregnenolone can make a bad situation worse. With dysfunctional conversion, it is usually best to pursue specific hormone supplementation.

Other benefits that may be gained through pregnenolone supplementation include: better stress management, increased energy levels, improved sense of well-being, reduced PMS and menopause symptoms, improved immune function, restored adrenal function, and improved memory.

Why is Supplementation Important?

As with many other hormones, production of pregnenolone declines with age. Studies show that between the age of 30 and 75 production of pregnenolone decreases by about 60 percent. It is posited that this decrease in pregnenolone levels contributes to a drop in other hormones and increases the risk of age-related issues such as arthritis, fatigue, loss of libido, cardiovascular issues, and neurodegenerative disease. Experts theorize that proper supplementation and restoration of pregnenolone levels may cause better overall hormone values and limit the effects of aging. 

Where to Get Pregnenolone?

An easy and effective method of getting more pregnenolone is by using a high-quality supplement. HoltraCeuticals’ supplement, Pregnenolone, provides a healthy amount of the essential hormone and is specifically formulated to support adrenal and metabolic function. 

The benefits of pregnenolone supplementation are experienced over a long period as opposed to immediate change. The main areas improved through pregnenolone include memory, energy level, and immune function. Studies show that individuals who supplement with pregnenolone over long periods may notice they feel better, think clearer, and are less prone to illness.

The Adrenals and Pregnenolone

A key element in pregnenolone availability is adrenal function. The adrenals have many responsibilities. Chief of which being the management of the body’s stress response. However, as the primary producer of pregnenolone, the adrenals are also essential factors regarding overall hormone balance. 

When working as intended, the adrenals release appropriate amounts of various hormones including pregnenolone. But, during times of elevated stress, the adrenals focus their efforts on the production of cortisol, commonly known as the stress hormone. Cortisol helps us act during times of crisis and does its best to keep the body going no matter the situation. If the adrenals focus on cortisol production for too long values of pregnenolone can plummet resulting in a serious decline in other essential hormones. Furthermore, an extended stress response can exhaust the adrenals resulting in adrenal fatigue, which contributes to hormone deficiency and may be accompanied by symptoms such as: anxiety, food allergies, hair loss, increased inflammation, insomnia, memory issues, mood swings, muscle pain, reduced temperature, and weight loss.

Treating Adrenal Fatigue with Pregnenolone

There are multiple methods of treating adrenal fatigue. The most common being to rebalance cortisol levels through supplementation. However, studies suggest that supplementation with pregnenolone may be even more effective. 

As a prohormone, pregnenolone may be converted into many hormones. Increasing pregnenolone prevalence through supplementation may help resolve imbalance. However, in cases of severe adrenal fatigue, the body may be over converting pregnenolone into cortisol. In such a situation, increasing pregnenolone values may cause greater dysfunction. Because of this, it is important to consult a physician knowledgeable of the adrenals and pregnenolone before pursuing treatment or supplementation.

In Pursuit of Pregnenolone

Despite its pivotal role regarding hormone balance, many are not familiar with pregnenolone. This is unfortunate as a pregnenolone deficiency can contribute to serious dysfunction such as adrenal fatigue and deficiency of other essential hormones. Understating the importance of pregnenolone and ensuring appropriate values through supplementation supports memory, energy level, immune function, and can help you achieve greater overall wellness. If you’re interested in supplementing with pregnenolone, consider Holtraceutical’s Pregnenolone or Holtraceutical’s DHEA/ Pregnenolone supplement.


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