Natural Brain Support
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Natural Brain Support

October 27, 2020

The brain is one of the most delicate and influential systems in the entire body. Some of the most prominent areas affected by neurological activity include mood, cognitive function, memory, and motor skills. Because of its broad reach and impact, ensuring the brain is protected and functioning at its best should be a top priority for everyone. One way you can support greater neurological health is by supplementing with HoltraCeuticals’ Neuro-Protect.

What is Neuro-Protect?

Neuro-Protect is a supplemental product formulated by HoltraCeuticals’ specifically to support healthy brain function. The primary ingredient of Neuro-Protect is lithium orotate, a form of lithium that is more easily absorbed and used by the body. Supplementation with lithium orotate may provide notable neurological benefits without the risks typically associated with increased intake of other forms of lithium. 

What’s in Neuro-Protect?

Lithium orotate, the chief ingredient of Neuro-Protect, is composed of an alkali metal called lithium and a naturally produced compound in the body called orotic acid. 

Lithium is a mineral electrolyte that is a necessary element of healthy bodily function. At the right amount, lithium works in harmony with enzymes, vitamins, and other substances to promote various areas of wellness. In most cases, individuals get the requisite amount of lithium needed for healthy bodily function through the foods they consume. However, some may require additional lithium, which may be acquired through supplementation. 

Studies show that supplementing with lithium helps reduce abnormal brain activity. This has led to lithium, particularly lithium carbonate and lithium citrate, becoming a widely used treatment for mania and severe mental conditions such as bipolar disorder. Unfortunately, there is an inherent risk with supplementing with most forms of lithium as too much can trigger various side effects including physical symptoms and further neurological disruption. However, lithium orotate has a significantly lower risk of side effects because of the presence of orotic acid. 

Orotic acid, despite not being an actual vitamin, is sometimes referred to as vitamin B13. Unlike vitamins, orotic acid is naturally produced by microorganisms in the body’s gastrointestinal system. Research shows that orotic acid acts as a lithium transporter and improves the body’s ability to absorb it. Orotic acid also increases lithium’s ability to penetrate intracellular structures such as the mitochondria, glia, and lissome. The increased absorption afforded by orotic acid means that less lithium is required to garner the same benefits as typical lithium medications. Furthermore, the presence of orotic acid reduces the risk of lithium toxicity and its associated symptoms.  

What Does Neuro-Protect Do?

Supplementing with Neuro-Protect supports the rejuvenation and rebuilding of brain matter, safeguards nerve cells, and improves neurological function. Lithium stimulates stem cell growth in the brain, which can help revitalize grey matter nerve cells. Supporting these cells can lead to better retention of neurological functions such as memory, cognitive function, and mood regulation. Studies show that taking a lithium supplement such as Neuro-Protect may also reduce the effects of aging on the brain by protecting against many toxins that damage grey matter.

Supplementation with lithium orotate may be useful in treating a wide range of mental health conditions. Those suffering from the following issues and disorders may benefit from supplementing with Neuro-Protect: ADD/ADHD, alcoholism, Alzheimer’s disease, bipolar disorder, chronic stress or anxiety, depression, glaucoma, headaches and migraines, insomnia, Parkinson’s disease, and PTSD.

Besides treating the above disorders, supplementation with Neuro-Protect may provide other general health benefits. Studies suggest that taking even a small dose of lithium orotate may improve stress response, alleviate headaches, provide neuroprotection against environmental toxins, promote balanced mood and mental activity, stimulate healthy immune function, slow the development of neurological symptoms caused by aging, limit inflammation, support bone health, and reduce addictive cravings. As with any supplement, it is important to take the appropriate dose of lithium orotate. 

How Much is the Right Amount?

Although there is little risk associated with supplementing with lithium orotate products such as Neuro-Protect, it is important to regulate intake at an appropriate level. Currently, there is no established recommended daily allowance for lithium. However, the Institute of Medicine’s Food and Nutrition Board has given a provisional recommendation of 1 mg per day for adults weighing 154 pounds (70 kg). Lithium orotate supplements contain notably less lithium than traditional lithium supplements, up to five times less in some’s cases. This means that toxicity from lithium orotate is uncommon. One daily use of Neuro-Protect is highly unlikely to produce notable symptoms. Regardless, when using any lithium supplement, it is important to do so safely. 

Cautions and Concerns

Excessive intake of lithium may cause toxicity and subsequent side effects including nausea, vomiting, cardiac arrhythmia, and possibly the development of long-lasting neurological issues such as tremors, dementia, and ataxia. Exceptionally severe cases of lithium toxicity may result in toxic psychosis, kidney failure, syncope, dehydration, coma, and death. Lithium may interact with several medications including but not limited to antidepressants, anticonvulsants, and ACE inhibitors. Because of its potential side effects and interactions, supplements containing lithium should only be taken with the recommendation and guidance of a knowledgeable physician. 

Improving Brain Health by Supplementing with Lithium Orotate

Brain function and neurological health is pivotal to our overall wellness. Supporting the brain should be a primary concern for everyone. Chronic neurological disruption, cell damage, and exposure to environmental toxins all contribute to brain decay and dysfunction. You can help protect against these forces of neurological degradation by supplementing with Neuro-Protect. This supplement contains lithium orotate, which provides the many protective and restorative qualities of lithium without the risks that come with typical lithium supplements and medications. Additionally, the orotic acid component of lithium orotate facilitates greater efficacy at a smaller dose. Keep your mind safe and strong by supplementing with HoltraCeuticals’ Neuro-Protect


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